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The Hertfordshire Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild was set up over 40 years ago for people in the area who were interested in tying their own fishing flies; whether that was people who already tied their own flies or those who had never tied before.

Meetings are held twice a month between September and June each year (on the second and third Monday of the month) comprising of a combination of demonstrations by a visiting expert, fly casting tuition and fly tying classes. Past demonstrations at the Branch have included talks by Charles & Alex Jardine, Stoyan Filipov, Ryan McCullogh, Phil Holding, Steve Skuce and Mick O'Farrell. on a huge variety of subjects relating to fly tying and fly fishing. Fly casting tuition has been provided by Phil Barker and Dominic Hewitt, both A.G.A.I.A. qualified instructors.

Our fly tying classes are split into three; beginners, intermediate, and advanced, but we can also provide dedicated 1:2:1 tuition if needs be.

On top of the tying classes and demonstrations the Branch has an annual fly fishing outing which all members are welcome to attend, generally to one of the large Midlands reservoirs. Boats are booked for everyone who wants one with members regularly on the water for 12 hours plus.

"The angler's part of fly fishing begins and ends with the fly, and everything in between - the tackle, the planning, the preparations, the trip, the reading and wading of water, the casting - all are ancillary, mere vehicles for delivering the fly from vice to trout, for transferring it from one set of jaws to another."

'The Habit of Rivers.' by Ted Leeson.