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Our syllabuses for beginner, intermediate & advanced groups are designed to cater for all abilities.

Any member wishing to attempt the tying of any particular fly, will always be welcome to have a go at any level any month.

All tying classes start at 8pm.

It is important that the tyer collects methods just as he collects materials. Whether or not the tyer exactly follows the methods is not as important as the skill and knowledge gained by the process. Darrel Martin



19th October  

Queen of Waters (Dry)

Kamasan B401 (or equiv) size 14

Shear size 14 thread (or equiv) in tan

Bronze mallard flank feathers

Ginger hackle (size 14, for palmering)

Ginger Hackle (size 12)

Orange floss

Gold oval tinsel


16th November   

Not Another Klinkhammer

Size 12 Klinkhammer hook (of your choice)

Olive/brown/tan UTC 70 thread

Fl. green or fire orange UTC, for hotspot

White antron or polyyarn

1 or 2mm closed cell foam sheet

Translucent nymph skin

Brown dubbing (of your choice)

2 x CDC feathers

1 x Englisch partridge feather

Brown marker pen

Petitjean magic tool (or equiv), if you have one

21st December 

CAM Emerger

Kamasan B100 (or equiv) size 12

Shear size 14 tan thread (or equiv)

Wild turkey biot

White CDC feather

Partridge hackle

Synthetic quills

Grey antron or aero wing

Thin tan foam



15th February  

The Stacker Mayfly

Size 12 Scud/Pupa/Klinkhammer hook

Olive UTC thread

Grizzle cock hackle fibres

Small copper or amber wire

Grizzle cock feather

2lb mono/flourocarbon (or equiv)

CDC thorax 

U.V. Resin

Gallows tool would be useful, but not essential

15th March    


Kamasan B401 (or equiv) S14

S14 Shear tan thread (or equiv)

White calf tail

Brown hackle

Peacock herl

Red floss


19th April    

17th May     

Wally Wing Parachute Emerger

Kamasan B100 (or equiv) size 14

Shear size 14 thread (or equiv) in pale yellow

Bronze mallard flank feather

Barred wild turkey biot, light olive 

Golden badger hackle




19th October

Ginger Quill

Hook - #14 or #16 dry fly, eg. B400 or Partridge L3A

Thread - light brown

Body - stripped peacock quill

Tail and Hackle - ginger cock

Wing - mallard or starling primary

16th November

Deer Stalker

Hook - #10LS e.g. B800

Thread - brown

Tail - cock pheasant tail

Body - white deer hair

Rib - fine silver wire/tying thread

Wing - furnace cock hackle

Thorax - black cock hackle

21st December


Hook - #12 or #14 curved shank e.g. B100 or Partridge 15BN

Thread - light olive or white

Body -olive/dun dubbing

Wing - poly yarn or antron (white or coloured)

Thorax -peacock herl

Hackle - blue dun, grizzle or badger cock

15th February

Silver Invicta

Hook - #12 wet fly e.g B175

Thread - brown or black

Tail - golden pheasant topping

Body - flat silver

Rib - fine silver wire or oval

Body hackle - red game cock

Throat hackle - blue jay

Wing - hen pheasant centre tail or wing

15th March


Hook - #10 or #12 light wet e.g. B170

Thread -brown

Tail and wing - deer hair - roe or muntjac

Body - brown seal's fur

Hackle - brown hen or cock

19th April

Golden Olive Bumble

Hook - #10 or #12 wet e.g. B175

Thread - brown

Tag - flat tinsel red

Tail - golden pheasant topping

Body - golden olive seal's fur

Rib - gold oval

Body hackle - red game + yellow cock

Head hackle (1) - red/brown cock

Head hackle (2) - blue jay

17th May

Muddler Minnow

Hook - #8LS e.g. B800

Thread -black or brown

Tail and Wing - oak turkey wing quill

Underwing - grey squirrel tail

Body - Flat gold tinsel

Rib - gold wire or oval

Head - natural deer hair


19th October

Black Buzzer

Kamasan B160 or similar size 10/12

Black thread 6/0

Medium silver wire

Peacock eye feather quill


16th November

Black & Peacock Spider

Hook Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Black thread 6/0

Peacock eye feather quills

Black hen hackle feather


21st December

Pitsford Pea

Hook Kamasan B830 or similar size 8/10

White thread 6/0

White (turkey) marabou feathers

Green chenille

White chenille

Oval silver tinsel


15th February

Gold Head Hare's Ear

Hook Kamasan B830 or similar size 10/12, or barbless equivalent

Brown thread 6/0

Fur from a hare’s mask

Pheasant tail fibres

Medium gold oval tinsel or wire

Medium gold bead

Dubbing wax (optional)


15th March

Black Pennel

Hook Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Black thread 6/0

Golden pheasant tippets

Medium silver wire

Black cock or hen hackle feather


19th April

Hook Kamasan B830 or similar size 10/12

Brown thread 6/0

Cock pheasant centre tail feather

Thin copper wire

Seal’s fur (or substitute) in colour of your choice, suggested yellow/green/orange or


Brown cock hackle feather

Hen hackle feather, either black, grizzle or any of your choice


17th May


Hook Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Red wool

Oval silver tinsel

Black seal’s fur or substitute

Black cock hackle feather

Tacky wax



The Guild Awards Scheme is an opportunity for members to test their fly-tying abilities against a national standard at their own pace and ultimately receive a recognised award. The scheme is meant to be informative, enjoyable and to encourage co-operation and camaraderie amongst those taking part.

Participation is entirely voluntary. No member is under any obligation to take part.

In essence participants are required to tie three examples of each fly, which are then assessed on quality as individuals and a group of three. These flies are picked to demonstrate particular skills and a consistency of technique.

If you have any questions please see Ian or Regan.

More details and advice can be found on the F.D.G. website www.flydressersguild.org.

Bronze Award

Grey Goose Buzzer

Wet Soldier Palmer

Black Pennell

Dry Pheasant Tail Variant

Cat’s Whisker Lure

Silver Award

Blue Charm

Dark Watchet

Ginger Quill

Dark Olive

Klinkhammer Special

Czech Nymph

Gold Award

Beltra Badger

Woven Nymph


Colonel Fuller

Muddler Minnow

Royal Wulff

Sar Mul Mac

Grayling Award

(which can be attempted once you have the silver award)



Pink & Purple Peril


Reverse Parachute Fly

Tup’s Indispensable



As well as the bronze award syllabus above, I have also attached the silver & gold award syllabuses



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