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Check out our programme for the next tying season

Our syllabuses for beginner, intermediate & advanced groups are designed to cater for all abilities.

Any member wishing to attempt the tying of any particular fly, will always be welcome to have a go at any level any month.

All tying classes start at 8pm.

It is important that the tyer collects methods just as he collects materials. Whether or not the tyer exactly follows the methods is not as important as the skill and knowledge gained by the process. Darrel Martin

Syllabuses, Branch & Award Scheme: Upcoming Events

Monday 18th October

Beginners - Black buzzer

Intermediate - Ginger quill

Advanced - Queen of Waters



The Guild Awards Scheme is an opportunity for members to test their fly-tying abilities against a national standard at their own pace and ultimately receive a recognised award. The scheme is meant to be informative, enjoyable and to encourage co-operation and camaraderie amongst those taking part.

Participation is entirely voluntary. No member is under any obligation to take part.

In essence participants are required to tie three examples of each fly, which are then assessed on quality as individuals and a group of three. These flies are picked to demonstrate particular skills and a consistency of technique.

If you have any questions please see Ian or Regan.

More details and advice can be found on the F.D.G. website

Bronze Award

Grey Goose Buzzer

Wet Soldier Palmer

Black Pennell

Dry Pheasant Tail Variant

Cat’s Whisker Lure

Silver Award

Blue Charm

Dark Watchet

Ginger Quill

Dark Olive

Klinkhammer Special

Czech Nymph

Gold Award

Beltra Badger

Woven Nymph


Colonel Fuller

Muddler Minnow

Royal Wulff

Sar Mul Mac

Grayling Award

(which can be attempted once you have the silver award)



Pink & Purple Peril


Reverse Parachute Fly

Tup’s Indispensable

Syllabuses, Branch & Award Scheme: Welcome


As well as the bronze award syllabus above, I have also attached the silver & gold award syllabuses

Syllabuses, Branch & Award Scheme: About
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