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Our syllabuses for beginner, intermediate & advanced groups are designed to cater for all abilities.

Any member wishing to attempt the tying of any particular fly, will always be welcome to have a go at any level any month.

All tying classes start at 8pm.

It is important that the tyer collects methods just as he collects materials. Whether or not the tyer exactly follows the methods is not as important as the skill and knowledge gained by the process. Darrel Martin



21st October '19    


Beaded Bloodworm 

Kamasan B830 size 12

Red Uni thread 8/0

Red flexifloss (for tail)

5 x Miyuki 11/0 silver-lined flame red beads

Red dyed ostrich here

18th November '18         

Detached Body Daddy

Kamasan B405 or B410 size 10

Brown thread Shear 14/0 or similar

Fawn or dark brown foam sheet 2mm thick

Cock pheasant centre tail feather

Black, red game, ginger or blue dun hackle (for wings)

Contrasting hackle to wind through thorax

Dubbing fur, as suitable, for thorax

Thin needle needed to tie the detached body

17th December '19   

Knotted Emerging Caddis

S12 long nymph/emerger hook e.g. TMC 200R*

14/0 thread or equiv

Fine embroidery thread in a light & dark colour*

Brown/tan hare's ear dubbing

3 dark CDC feathers

Rubber legs*

                                             *can be supplied on the night                                                   

17th February '20     

Cop Car (Black & White Clouser)

Size 2 wide gape straight eyed streamer hook e.g. Mustard 3365A, Tiemco 811S, Fulling Mill streamer stripper FM6040

White 6/0 thread

5mm dumbbell eyes (eye spots optional)

White bucktail

Black bucktail (blue for saltwater, chartreuse for pike/bass/large perch & hot pink for Atlantic salmon)

Pearl or silver braid (optional)

Silver krystal flash


16th March '20        

  CDC Mayfly spinner      


Size 14 long curved hook e.g. TMC200R*

White thread (suitable for splitting)

Coq de Leon tail feathers*

Dark beige CDC feathers (short)*

White CDC feathers (long)*

3 white/cream CDC feathers (with long fibres)*

*can be supplied on the night

27th April'20      



Kamasan B160, or similar, size 10 

Black thread Shear size 14 or similar

Peacock eye feather

Goose or turkey biots

UV resin

Curing light

18th May '20       

Copper John    


Size 14 straight down eye nymph hook e.g. TMC 5262 or Kamasan B170 (B175 for deeper water)

Black 8/0 thread

Brown goose biots

Copper ultra wire

Peacock herl

Thin skin or large pearl tinsel/Flashabou

UV resin optional

Grizzle marked partridge, mallard or pintail

2.8mm brass bead

Lead wire thin or medium for deeper water


21st October

Hot Spot Shrimp

Hook size 12 heavy Czech nymph

Black uni thread

Lead wire

Fine gold tinsel

Clear polythene strip, nymph skin or similar

Olive seal's fur

Fluorescent orange seal's fur

6lb clear monofilament


18th November


Hook Kamasan B175 size 10/12 or equiv.

Golden pheasant crest

Yellow seal's fur

Oval gold tinsel

Red cock hackle feather

Hen pheasant centre tail or wing quill

Blu Jay throat hackle

16th December

Parachute Adams 

Hook Kamasan B400 or Partridge L3A size 14

Grizzle and red game hackles

Grey fur dubbing - muskrat or synthetic substitute

White antron for post

17th February


Kamasan B830 size 8/10

8/0 thread to suit

Mink strip grey, white or light brown

Clear or olive glister dubbing

Mylar tinsel

Silver wire

Orange throat hackle

16th March

Ginger Quill

Hook size 14 dry fly

Olive thread

Natural stripped peacock quill

Red game cock hackle feather

Mallard primary quill (matched pair)

27th April

Deerstalker (Mayfly Sinner)

Hook size 10 Kamasan B800 or equiv

Black or brown thread

Pheasant tail feather

White deer hair

Fine silver tinsel

Furnace cock hackle feather

Black cock hackle feather

18th May


Hook size 14 curved shank

Black thread

Fine white thread, cobweb or equiv

Antron, any colour (for post)

Fine gold wire

Fine dubbing

Badger cock hackle

Peacock here


       October 21st      


Black Buzzer  

Kamasan B160 or similar size 10/12

Black thread 6/0

Medium silver wire

Peacock eye feather quill


November 18th 

Black & Peacock Spider

Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Black thread 6/0

3 Peacock eye feather quills

Black hen hackle feather


December 16th  

Pitsford Pea

(to be tied in both black & white versions)

Kamasan B830 or similar size 8/10

Black & white thread 6/0

Black & white (turkey) marabou feathers

Green chenille

Black & white chenille

Oval silver tinsel


February 17th  

Gold head hare's ear

Hook Kamasan B830 or similar size 10/12, or barbless equivalent

Brown thread 6/0

Fur from a hare’s mask

Pheasant tail fibres

Medium gold oval tinsel or wire

Medium gold bead 

Dubbing wax (optional)


March 16th   

Black Pennel

Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Black thread

Golden pheasant tippets

Medium silver wire

Black cock or hen hackle feather


           April 27th     


Pheasant Tail Nymph & Cruncher

Kamasan B830 or similar size 10/12

Brown thread 6/0

Cock pheasant centre tail feather

Thin copper wire

Seal's fur (or substitute) in the colour of your choice, suggested yellow/gree/orange or red

Brown cock hackle feather

Black/grizzle hen hackle of your choice


          May 16th        



Kamasan B175 or similar size 10/12

Red wool

Oval silver tinsel

Black seal's fur or substitute

Black cock hackle feather

Tacky wax