Wild Trout Trust Auction Spring 2018

February 11, 2018

As usual there are some interesting collections of flies on offer this year.

For full details go to http://www.wildtrout.org.


Below are the highlights;


Lot No: 30 - 50 flies tied by Ken Truman of the Derbyshire


County Angling Club,

presented in a mahogany fly box.

Starting Price: £60
Donor: Ken Truman
Category: Flies


Fifty flies tied by Ken Truman of the Derbyshire County Angling Club, presented in a mahogany fly box.

The flies are: 20 x size 12 Buzzers, 20 x size 12 Crunchers and 10 x tungsten bead river nymphs sizes 14 and 16.



Lot No: 31 - 40 of Dave Southall’s favourite flies.


Starting Price: £60
Donor: Dave Southall Category: Flies

Forty of Dave Southall’s favourite flies:


Size 26 Minimalistic Micro-midge, size 18 IOBO Humpy, Size 18 Shuttlecock, size 16 F Fly, size 14 El Hair Caddis, Extended Body Daddy, Extended Body Mayfly, size 14 Foam Beetle, Size 12 Hawthorn Fly, size 14 Silver Bead Partridge & Hare's Ear Spider 2.5 & 3.5 mm beads, Size 14 Silver Bead Generalistic Caddis Larva 3mm bead, Size 14 Utah Killer Bug, Size 14 UVSP Shrimp, size 16 Electric Blush Bug 2.5 & 3.5mm bead, size 16 Yellow Catgut Caddis larva/pupa 2.5 & 3.5mm bead, size 18 Metallic Nymphs in black & red & olive & green.



Lot No: 32 - 24 river trout flies tied by Allan Liddle, Scottish trout expert and Partridge


Pro Team member.

Starting Price: £50
Donor: Allan Liddle
Category: Flies


The flies are: Olive DHE, Dirty Dusters, Comparaduns (olive and March brown), CDC Olive Emerger dries, Partridge and Orange, Purple and Hare's Ear spiders with Allan’s wee take on the good old Greenwell in there too. Nymphs include Hare's Ear Rubber Legs, French Nymph, Partridge and Black and the simple but deadly PTN. Tied on a range of Partridge Patriot Barbless hooks including the new Wide Gape Jig and the excellent SLD2 Emerger. All in a tidy wee wooden box with big thanks to Ed Gormanley at the excellent Mill of Kellas Trout Fishery. 



Lot No: 37 - 60 dry flies for the early season tied by Ben Lupton.


Starting Price: £60
Donor: Ben Lupton Esq Category: Flies

Sixty dry flies for the early season tied by Ben Lupton who writes the blog, In Pursuit of Spotties.


Ten of each of the following six patterns:

Barbour Paraloop dun size 14 dark version; JT Olive size 16; Cul-de-Canon variant size 12; Jingler size 14; March Brown Jingler size 12; Adams Klinkhåmer (5 size 12 and 5 size 14, mix of post colours). Presented in a Fulling Mill box.



Lot No: 38 - Fifteen flies of 6 patterns tied by Hans Van Klinken, the designer of the Klinkhamer fly.


Starting Price: £40
Donor: Hans Van Klinken Category: Flies

Fifteen flies of 6 patterns tied by Hans Van Klinken, the designer of the Klinkhåmer fly.


The patterns are:

Klinkhåmer Special; Once and Away (river version); Klinkhåmer special (black variation); Once and Away (lake version); Caseless Caddis Green; Fancy Hopper. Includes statement of authentication signed by Hans Van Klinken.


Lot No: 40 - 48 trout flies for rivers. 24 dry flies and 24 nymphs tied by Charles Carr.


Starting Price: £25
Donor: Charles Carr
Category: Flies


A collection of 48 beautifully tied river trout flies. 24 dry flies and 24 nymphs tied on barbless hooks. These are Charles’ favourite flies that catch him fish on rivers all over the country.


Lot No: 41 - A dozen flies tied by Lee Evans. His favourite flies for catching trout on rivers.


Starting Price: £25
Donor: Lee Evans
Category: Flies


A dozen dry flies tied by Lee Evans – his favourite dry flies for catching trout on rivers. Lee is one of a younger generation of thoughtful fly tyers, influenced by many prominent UK anglers.

The flies include March Brown, Large Brook Dun, Large Dark Olive and Yellow May Dun patterns and will come in a Myran clear plastic box. 

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