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Angling Auctions’ Crosfield Hall at Romsey in Hampshire. Sat 7th April'18

Lot No: 231

A highly impressive Victorian salmon fly dressers wallet of large proportions, the 11” x 9” x 6” hide case gilt stamped “J.W.” and fitted with 43 double sided parchment leaves holding an extraordinarily large collection of tying materials including rare feathers; blue chatterer, cottinga, quetzal, Indian crow, toucan, golden dove, jungle cock, parrot (various), flamingo, bustard, bull bull and many, many other feathers from various species, the rear of the wallet has twenty four pockets for tinsel/ribbing spools and holds three turned ivory and ten boxwood spools holding various silver, gold and other ribbing materials, all spools ink inscribed “J.W.”, to the front of the wallet are further sections holding hanks of various silks and a comprehensive range of various mohair and seals fur dubbings, leather end panels with stitched leather tool holders, wrap-around securing strap, circa 1860 (see illustration) £3000-4000** As the above originated from the Scottish border region, it is a possibility that this comprehensively stocked wallet was formerly the property of James Wright of Sprouston on Tweed, inventor of the Silver Doctor £3,000 - £4,000

Lot No: 480

A polished teak rectangular fly dresser’s cabinet,formerly the property of the Scottish fly tyer Jimmy Younger, top with inlaid panel (by J. Beattie) decorated with various tying tools and feathers, signed and dated 1981, cabinet fitted five drawers with brass recess handles and holding a collection of various tools, hooks and tying materials, a further large collection of various tying materials including a good selection of caps, cabinet dimensions 14” x 16” x 12” £160-240

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