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The River Invertebrate App

The river invertebrate app is a powerful indetification tool and interactive visual guide ot the life in your river.

Rather than forking out for an expensive identification key or field guide, carrying it with you on the river bank, and needing to re-purchase when it becomes out of date; you can now carry an easily accessible, simple to use, and constantly updated app which does the job for you.

Using high quality digital images (produced by Dr Cyril Bennett MBE), the river invertebrate app shows easily identifiable features for each species, plus its pollution fingerprint and conservation value.

The river invertebrate app if therefore ideal for anglers, scientists, nature lovers and anyone interested in the life and health of their local river.

✓ The monitoring of freshwater invertebrates is a key factor in assessing the health of a river and is core to our Riverfly Census campaign, as well as our wider work in campaigning for healthy waters.

✓ The app will be continually updated to modify and add new species.

✓ The best part? Proceeds from the app go towards the conservation of our rivers.

✓ The river invertebrate app is a joint effort between Salisbury & District Angling Club (SADAC) and Salmon & Trout Conservation.

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