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Dry Fly Powder Offer from Flytek

I litre for £20 plus £1.80 P & P

Flytek blurb states;

Dry A Fly Powder is the best way to dry a CdC fly and almost the only way to restore one quickly after it has been in a fish. It is equally effective on almost any dry fly. However small bottles don't last long so we have the answer! What you get is:

1 no. litre tub of Dry A Fly Fumed Silica powder

1 no. re-filler bottle - if you've ever tried getting fumed silica powder into a small bottle you will realise how essential this is. Just fill this bottle with either a plastic funnel or even just a funnel made from a piece of card..... and gently squeeze the powder into the smaller bottles!

5 no. plastic bottles with a brush cap - these bottles are easy to loose when fishing so take a few when you go, we will be selling these individually for very little money anyway but when you are paying so little per bottle if you do lose one it's not the end of the world! (please try not to add to the world's plastic pollution if you can obviously!)


Give the fly an initial dry with an Amadou dryer, paper towel or a false cast. Hold the fly so only the bits you want to dry are outside your fingers (you can also hide the first bit of the tippet in your fingers to avoid coating it with powder). Brush the powder vigorously into the fly until it is nice and fluffy again then carry on fishing.


There are no known toxicity issues with this material but as it is a very fine powder it is inadvisable to inhale or ingest any significant quantity. It should be kept out of the reach of children and away from pets.

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