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New magazine in the offing, here is some information about what is expected.


Pete Tyjas on August 14, 2018

We thought it only fair to let you know the sort of content you can expect in the first edition of Fly Culture and who will be writing it.

First off, we’re pleased to have our good friend Jason Borger writing a piece about fishing the Madison in Montana. It is accompanied by some stunning artwork by Jason that captures the beauty of the fish he is pursuing.

Jason has always been around fly fishing from an early age and has written extensively for a variety of publications including Eat Sleep Fish.

He is also known for his work with the film “A River Runs Through It” where he was a fly fishing consultant and double for casting scenes.

As casting geeks we’re big fans of his book Single-Handed Fly Casting where he breaks casting down into modules that are easy to understand and follow a logical path.

We feel Jason’s writing and artwork perfectly compliments the type of content we wanted to feature in Fly Culture and are pleased to have him on board.

As promised, here’s a little more about what you can expect in Issue 1 of Fly Culture.

First off, Executive Editor James Beeson beautifully describes his favourite fly hatch of the season and what it means to him. Jim spends much of his fishing time in and around the rivers of Dartmoor in Devon but a job change meant he found himself living in Rutland. As a result he’ll travel anywhere in search of trout, salmon or sea trout.

Andy Baird is known for his love of fishing small flies via his excellent Small Fly Funk blog. In his piece he compares his love of fishing small streams with bamboo rods and his other passion, collecting vinyl.

James Gilbraith writer of the most excellent book Terminal Chancer takes us to his home river in an off-beat and hugely entertaining piece about salmon fishing that we promise will have you laughing out loud.

What happens after the apocalypse? Ben Jailler works out a plan and can still go fishing. Funny and well crafted you’ll need his piece as your own survival manual.

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