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The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference, a book review

This is a very comprehensive book for the serious fly tyer.

As the authors say in their introduction, it is an attempt to map out the larger territory of fly-tying techniques, and in doing so it reverts the approach taken by conventional tying texts. There are very few finished flies, the goal is to provide detailed instructions used in fly tying. In essence it aims to furnish the reader with a reservoir of methods, procedures and dressing styles that can be drawn on to tie a full range of trout patterns.

There are fifteen chapters starting with ‘The Anatomy and Selection of Fly-Tying Materials’, through to tailing, bodies, winging, ribbing, hackling and more.

As an example, Chapter 4 covers ‘Mounting & Trimming Materials’, and proceeds to detail the following methods of wrapping & looping.

  • Lock wraps

  • Soft wraps

  • Angle wraps

  • Bottom wrap

  • Compensation wrap

  • Taut distribution wrap

  • Cradle loop

  • Lash mount & crisscross wrap

  • Bobbin loop

  • Langley loop

  • Noose loop

  • Side pinch

  • Double side pinch

These techniques are taken from tiers all over the world, I have found it useful to try and find which methods suit me and my tying best.

I thoroughly recommend this book and can assure you that my copy is well used.

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