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Trout & Flies - Getting Closer

A new e-book the result of 3/4 years of research that examines and, as you can imagine, dispels some of the assumed knowledge of how the trout are feeding. As with Peter Hayes's previous book it prompts the reader to question exactly what is happening when we fish. The authors are the subject of the excellent 'Fly Culture Podcast' which gives you a good insight of what you can expect. Included are plenty of fly patterns with extensive reasoning for their apparent success. The podcast also explains why it has to be published as an e-book, mainly to maintain the quality of the photos which are numerous as well as interactive video links.

I am certainly enjoying the read and the challenges to my previous assumptions. A small irritation is the 'getting closer' which is great but what about the rivers where you can't wade.

It retails at just £9.99, and is best viewed on your P.C. or Mac. Simply go to Amazon and download the Kindle app.

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