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Quick but Effective Flies

A new series of very effective flies that are simple to tie, flies you can quickly fill up a box with. I like the term used by Bob Wyatt of ‘trout ammo’, when casting under a tree, I don’t worry about losing my fly if I have plenty in my box.

Pearly Butt F Fly

A Paul Procter pattern, no further recommendation needed although Pete Tyjas also sings it’s praises on his fly culture podcast.

Hook – Partridge K4AY or Kamasan B100 grub, 12 – 18

Thread – 14/0 Primrose Shear

Butt – pearl tinsel

Abdomen – Superfine dubbing, BWO or any of your choice

Wing – Brown CDC

Thorax – Olive hare dubbing

Lay a bed of thread down to where you want the tinsel to start and tie in. With me, the tinsel would form about 1/4 or 1/3 of the body length.

When tying in the dubbing I split the thread, first however I secure it with a two turn whip finish. This means that when I spin the bobbin anti clockwise to flatten, it takes a fewer turns. I will also turn the vice head so that the top of the hook is closer to me, this keeps the thread out of the way of the hook point when it is spinning.

Wind the tight rope of dubbing on and finish just behind the head.

Tie in the CDC wings, two plumes for 14 – 18 and three plumes for a size 12. The CDC is tied in back from the eye as we need room to dub in front of it.

Secure the thread again with a two turn whip finish and split. This time I use a rougher hare’s ear dubbing.

Finish off with a whip finish and varnish.

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