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Bob's Bits

Another fly that is very effective and simple to tie, especially appropriate if you have read Ian's moving tribute to Bob who recently passed away.

Original Recipe

Hook – Kamasan B400 sizes 10, 12 or 14

Thread – Black

Body – Green wool (originally from the jumper he was wearing, teased out)

Rib – Gold round tinsel

Hackle – Red game – trimmed flush

Wing – White hackle tips

A Claret variation

Hook - Kamasan B401 size 14

Thread - Shear 14/0 claret

Rib - Silver tinsel size 16

Abdomen & thorax – Claret seal’s fur

Hackle – Chinese cock dyed claret

Wing - White antron, as a sighter


Lay down a bed of thread, I like to tie in the hackle at the beginning.

Then when it is ready to wind on, there are no issues with leaving sufficient room behind the eye, the hackle is tied in very securely and for me it leaves a neater finish.

Tie in the silver tinsel, then split the thread to tie in the seal’s fur. I prefer this method of dubbing, especially with a material such as seal’s fur, but of course you can apply using your own preferred method.

Tie on the abdomen then rib with the tinsel, leave about a third of the shank for the thorax. Tie in some white antron, just as a sighter.

With my flies I tend to use white for size 14’s, yellow for 16’s and pink for 18’s.

Now prepare the claret dubbing for the thorax, again I split the thread.

Build up a nice chubby & scruffy thorax.

Wind on the hackle just three turns suit me, as per the original trim underneath to encourage the fly to sit lower in the surface. You can also brush the fur to make it even scruffier.

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