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A Very Simple CDC Olive

I like 'system flies', where the design stays the same but materials are interchangeable according to the conditions, or your mood! This fly is a perfect example of that.

A variation of a pattern from a ‘Fly Tying Academy’ DVD by ‘Fish On Productions’.

As it is tied by John Tyzack, who was the English national rivers champion six times, I think that is a pretty fair recommendation.

It can be tied with a variety of materials to suit you.

Hook – Kamasan B401 size 12 – 18

Thread – Shear 14/0 in primrose, olive or tan

Tail – Coq de Leon feathers

Body – stripped quill, turkey biot or moose mane

Wing – 2 CDC feathers, natural or colour to suit

Thorax – a spiky dubbing such as squirrel or Argentinean hare

Lay a bed of thread and tie in a small bunch of Coq de Leon feather, remembering to place one turn under the feathers to lift the tail. They should be the same length as the hook shank.

Tie in 2 CDC feathers in this case I have used saffron yellow. They should be the same length as the hook or shank.

Trim the waste of the CDC smooth out the body with thread then tie in either a stripped quill or, as in this case, a light olive turkey biot.

For added resilience coat the body in a thin layer of varnish.

Tie on the body material and secure just behind the CDC feathers.

Secure with a two-turn whip finish the split the thread and apply the dubbing. This is olive Argentinean hare.

Wind on the dubbing leaving it fairly spikey to represent the legs. I like to varnish by applying it to the thread prior to whip finishing.

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