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Deer Hair Emerger

The quintessential ‘trout ammo’, a term coined by Bob Wyatt for his selection of flies which features on the DVD ‘Flies That Catch Fish’.

Not only quick to tie, but a cracking catcher of fish and a mainstay of many fly boxes. This is my version tied on a size 14.

Hook – Partridge K4AY – SE sizes 12 – 16

Thread – Shear 14/0 in olive

Body – Light olive hare

Thorax – Dark olive hare

Wing – Coastal Deer Hair.

Deer hair is a bit of a minefield with many different types and each has its own properties. With this fly I find that I am only using a small bunch so I could use a wide variety. For that same reason, and to save time, I don’t bother stacking, just pull out any excessively long hairs. I like this coastal deer hair because of the white tips which make it easier to see.

Lay a bed of thread halfway down the shank, albeit talking about shank length on a grub hook is a bit of a laugh,

Then tie on my dubbing noodle, for this fly I start where I want the body to finish.

Tie on the dubbing then come back up the body with the thread to reinforce it.

Tie in the deer hair with the tips facing forward. Cut off the waste, deliberately leaving a pronounced shoulder.

I tie in another dubbing noodle, this time of dark olive. I always think that the thorax should be darker than the body.

Tie in the thorax dubbing with one or two ties behind the wing and plenty in front.

Whip finish and varnish. Remember, as an emerger scruffy is good.

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