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Dirty Duster

Another cracking Bob Wyatt pattern and dead simple to tie. If you haven’t read either of his books I thoroughly recommend them;

Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness (great title).

What Trout Want.

I am a big fan of the Grey Duster (who isn’t!), both traditional and parachute style, so an emerger version seemed an obvious choice for my fly box.

Hook – Partridge K4AY-SE or Kamasan B100, size 12 - 16

Thread – Shear 14/0 primrose

Body – Grey hare

Wing – Golden badger

Tie in the golden badger and lay a bed of thread down to where you want the dubbing to start.

Prepare a noodle of dubbing.

Wrap the dubbing up the body, then wind down again with the thread to secure and finish at the point you want the wing to finish.

Wind on the wing, when you reach the thread then wind through the hackle to secure.

Trim the hackle underneath to allow it to sit in the surface film.

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