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The Raider

In 1981 Ian Ruff (our esteemed president), designed a fly which he named the Raider. With numerous versions he trialled the fly extensively on the reservoirs of the Midlands and Wales, along with a number of smaller waters. Employing different colour variations according to the conditions, it proved to be very successful and fellow competition anglers soon noticed that Ian had something special on his hands, especially when he cleaned up in the 1985 & 1986 Benson & Hedges competitions.

Hook - Kamasan B400, 12 – 14

Thread – Black

Body – Swan or goose herl

Rib – Thread

Thorax – Seal’s fur, or substitute

Wing – White swan or goose herl

Post – (if used) Veniards booby eyes cylinder

The abdomen is kept light, just a few fibres cut from a dyed Goose Shoulder feather, as shown with just a tying silk rib, the white goose shoulder wing/shuck should tie in as shown. The split silk method of dubbing is more durable than a conventional dub.

Do not to tie the spun split silk dubbing that creates the thorax, too tightly, as buoyancy in the nabiscus is critical. If wound tightly it can allow the fly to sink too deeply, it is important that the seals fur or substitute creates a footprint of legs just resting on the nabiscus film.

The completed collection of Raiders is already dressed with a Permafloat type silicon dressing and allowed to dry off on a newspaper to absorb the surplus, before they are put into the fly box. That way they are already to use, Ian believes that Gink is too heavy a floatant for this pattern. He always changes the fly either when having caught a fish and the fly is slimed, or when he can see the emerger is fishing too deeply, as he believes it will not be as enticing to the trout.

The Posted Raider is at its most deadly in a slight ripple, just trickled through very slowly, leaving a light wake.

The herl shuck is left out with 1/3 of a Veniards booby eyes cylinder tied in as a post.

Ian says that the use of degreaser, to disguise the leader is paramount, he will degrease about 4 ft of the line from the fly. Total length of leader is approximately 14ft.

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