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River Test - Wherwell

River Test - Wherwell

On Saturday 16th October we had our third annual trip to the River Test at Wherwell. Myself, Ray Marks, Paul Pavlou, Bob Ring & Stephen Lew enjoyed a great day in remarkable warm weather.

The water (as usual) was crystal clear, and between us we used a variety of methods. I stuck to dry flies and started the day with a size 14 reverse parachute, as a nod to the sad passing of Roy Christie. This resulted in a brown trout and a nice size grayling which I lost before netting, I prefer to think of it as a long-distance release.

It is important to note that you should not target the browns, but with them and the grayling living cheek by jowl you cannot help but hook them.

After this action I found the fish becoming choosier, and at 1pm we all met for a very convivial lunch.

I started the day on beats 4 & 5, and after lunch I went onto beats 10 & 11. All of a sudden there was a small hatch of something! and the fish started rising, and they did seem to approve of a size 20 parachute grey duster. These I tied with a pink post which turned out to be really helpful in the bright sun.

Most successful methods on the day, amongst out group, seemed to be a very small nymph suspended under a dry fly with most fish taking the nymph.

I have already contacted the Wherwell Estate to book again for the 15th October next year, please contact me if you would like to join us.


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